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CHOGM Malta 2015 Brand

The CHOGM Malta 2015 idenity embodies everything CHOGM Malta 2015 stands for. It’s bold, relevant and modern, and symbolises the variety - in terms of race, culture, language and ethics - found in the Commonwealth and how these nations, however varied, come together for the Summit, forming one solid and powerful entity.

Brand Guidelines

To ensure that the brand is consistent, recognisable and effective throughout all executions please download and refer back to the brand guidelines when using the brand.

Feel free to use our main logo in the formats shown here

We provide two versions. Use the format that best fits the colours you're working with. The logo with the gray type goes on white or light backgrounds and the logo with the white type goes on dark backrounds. Please do not manipulate the logo in any way.

Vertical Alignment Logo

We have created a second version of the logo for use in limited horizontal or vertical spaces. In this case the icon is scaled down to 80% and horizontally centre aligned with the logotype like the example below.

Fora logos

Part of the CHOGM 2015 identity are 4 individual Fora logos, each created by shapes taken from the main logo and mixing two of the Primary Palette colours. These logos are used individually to signify the different forums but should always feature the main brand logo in their surrounding area or accompanying material.


The identity’s Primary Colour Palette is inspired by the vibrant colours found in the nations of the Commonwealth. It creates an instantly recognisable brand that stands out from its surroundings. The colours in the primary colour palette should be balanced by the use of white or light gray space.

PMS 7692 C
CMYK 100,45,0,45
PMS 485 C
CMYK 0,95,100,0
PMS 137 C
CMYK 0,41,100,0
PMS 3115 C
CMYK 59,0,14,0
PMS 165 C
CMYK 0,70,100,0


The brand font chosen is Klavika. This font helps establish the continuity and legibility of the brand if used in the correct way.


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