Youth Forum

With 60% of the Commonwealth population under the age of 30, the CommonwealthYouth Forum (CYF) is an important voice.

21 - 25 November 2015,

db San Antonio Hotel & Spa, Qawra, St. Paul's Bay, Malta


Organised as part of CHOGM, this Forum aims to achieve cross-cultural connection and learning between participants and consensus on policies to address the challenges and opportunities facing young people.

Welcome to CYF 2015 Live Stream. From 21-25 November, 2015, over 200 young people from all corners of the Commonwealth will come together in St. Paul’s Bay, Malta to discuss key issues facing their generation. This will be the first major gathering of Commonwealth young people since the launch of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. We will be broadcasting a number of key sessions throughout the Youth Forum and invite you to join us through social media with the hashtags #CYF2015 and #WhatNext. Enjoy!


Commonwealth Youth Forum

Theme for the Youth Forum

Adding Global Value...#WHATNEXT?

60% of the population of the Commonwealth is made up of people under the age of 30, which makes the Commonwealth Youth Forum a crucial platform if the Commonwealth is to be revived and made more relevant on a global stage. During this forum around 400 delegates from all over the Commonwealth and beyond will convene to discuss how young people can contribute and add value to upholding and enhancing the Commonwealth Charter, achieving the goals of the UN High Level Panel post-2015 development agenda to eradicate poverty and transform economies through sustainable development, and meeting the outcomes of the Commonwealth's Strategic Plan 2013-14/2016-17.

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Theme of the Youth Forum

Sub Themes of the CYF

Since one of the main objectives of the Malta Commonwealth Youth Forum 2015 is to feed directly into the agenda of the actual Heads of Government meeting, the theme chosen follows closely the main theme of the Heads of Government Summit which is, ‘Adding Global Value’.


From a Youth Forum perspective the notion of the Commonwealth as a means to Adding Global Value is being challenged by asking What Next? Thus, the theme chosen for the Youth Forum; ‘ADDING GLOBAL VALUE…..#WHATNEXT?’


The Young People of the Commonwealth recognize that the Commonwealth is at a critical junction in its history and through this theme all the key players are being challenged to think concretely on the future of the Commonwealth. Young People can contribute to the setting and implementation of the Global Agenda. Today’s agenda will directly impact the future of the Young People of Today.


The youth leaders will explore the role of young people of the Commonwealth through four main agendas. Each agenda is then subdivided into different areas of discussion. The main sub themes which will be discussed are;



Economic Agenda

  • Innovation and Technology: Closing The Gap: The role and contribution of Science and Technology in promoting economic growth in CW countries.
  • Sustainable Employment: Re-Examining the Pathways to Sustainable Employment.
  • Youth Entrepreneurship: Investing in Youth Entrepreneurship for Economic Growth.


Environment Agenda

  • Disaster Risk Reduction, Resilience and Recovery: Addressing Disaster Risk Reduction and Management.
  • Protection of Natural Resources: Balancing Production and Consumption Patterns with Sustainable Development.
  • Climate Change: Transforming Climate Change into Relevant Opportunity for the Youth.


Social Agenda

  • Quality and Inclusive Education: Re-assessing access to Quality Education for youth.
  • Health: Creating alternate pathways for accessing  medical and health services.
  • Youth Policy and Youth Work: Acknowledging Responsibility. 


Political Agenda

  • Peace and Security: Countering the rise of global extremism.
  • Social Cohesion: A shared common history.
  • Human Rights: A pillar of the Commonwealth. 



Apart from the sub-themes there will also be four cross cutting sessions;


Adding Global Value…..#whatnext?

Role of Young People in Achieving SDGs...

Commonwealth Charter: Article 12... #whatnext? 

Climate Change- A peace & security Issue

Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) General Assembly

Here you can find all the information, documents and reports related to the Commonwealth Youth Council General Assembly

For the Constitution of the Commonwealth Youth Council please click here.

For the Commonwealth Youth Council Executives - Qualifications and Role Descriptions please click here.

For the Official Voters List for the Commonwealth Youth Council Elections please click here.

For the Commonwealth Youth Council Electoral Regulations please click here.

To keep updated on the latest news of the Commonwealth Youth Council Executive Elections please follow the link here.



Official Designated Accommodation

db San Antonio Hotel & Spa, Qawra, St. Paul's Bay, Malta

CHOGM Malta 2015 recommends Youth Forum delegates to stay at San Antonio Hotel, which is also the conference venue, located in the northern part of the island, Qawra, St. Paul’s Bay. This newly refurbished Moorish-style hotel features a small sandy beach and two interconnecting outdoor swimming pools overlooking the picturesque St. Paul’s Bay. The bus terminus is situated a few metres away from the hotel ensuring public transport facilitation. 


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It's a platform for connectivity and a reminder that although we are a tiny island we are also part of something much bigger.

Pippa Buhagiar
Student,  Malta